Apologies (Without Being Sorry)!


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** Updated 01-AUG-2017 **

A Quick One (While I’ve Been Away)

Yes, for those of you that know me best or are consumers of fine music, I was just playing off The Who’s song title for A Quick One (While He’s Away).  If any of this escapes you – The Who, the song reference, or anything before our modern era, then let me proclaim:

My MUSICAL GODS!?!?!  How badly I feel for you!  I have not the time to do so – “I Can’t Explain – as War & Peace would subsequently look like a mere sticky note in comparison to the book I could compose on The World’s Loudest Band!  Though, fear not!  I offer the following links for you to suss them out at your leisure…

  1. The Who’s Official Website @ www.thewho.com
  2. YouTube’s “The Who” MIX
  3. Wikipedia’s (sigh) Entry – original members, etc.

For those of you familiar with these loud lads, my favourite songs are as follows:

  1. Love Ain’t For Keeping: With the death of Keith Moon, we all were sorta cheated out of another album by the original four members.  I always found the EP mix of this song to be odd as it simply cuts into a live version with Pete on vocals.  So, I yanked Pete out (sorry, man!) in audio arrangements to ensure Roger’s vocals held the song through to the end of its elegant, honest, beautiful life.
  2. Miss (Sally) Simpson: A studio take of this gorgeous tune that was later released with other Tommy-era recordings/demos.
  3. Bargain: This song is more of a confession than I ever gave when I was a practicing Catholic.
  4. Water: The best version… off Odds and Sods.
  5. Trying To Get Through: A studio demo during recordings for Tommy.  Never finished, so this is my own extended mix)…
  6. I Can’t Explain: The first “Who Song” I ever heard.  My father played it for me endlessly.
  7. Leaving Here: This song – to put it simply – is chalked full of energy.  Recorded several times, this song really shows of the groups dynamic: emphasis on Keith Moon on the back beat.  The best versions can be found from the BBC archives as well as what was stamped onto Odds and Sods.
  8. I’m The Face: Recorded 1963/1964, this song is just so “MOD” — I love it.
  9. Ooh Poo Pah Doo: A cover of Jesse Hill’s original song (of the same name), The Who performed this classic blues staple whilst under the moniker “The High Numbers”.  An example of this can be both seen/heard during Kit Lambert’s incomplete documentary about “Mods”.
  10. The Seeker – As Pete said, “the single should have gone fucking number one!”


My right forearm’s pride…

Back On Point

Indeed – I have been away for quite some time.  At the date of this update, August 1, 2017, I am using time I previously wasn’t afforded to update, expand, revise, and complete thoughts once intended to be an “out-reach” to things “computers, open source, and the likes.”

As such, pardon my lack of posting, social contact, and (in general) seeing the light of day.  I have been so busy splitting my time between my house and my father’s house.  It allows me to see my parents, do what I can for my Dad’s business, as well as being in a key location for job hunting purposes.  Things “computer” are just not quite what they seem, kiddos.

I had a strong lead I was excited about, but due to the date of this update, I can say I have walked away from the “computer field” entirely.  So, comment while you can, request what you’d like because after I complete my work, the contents here-in will be frozen.


— JK Benedict | @hashtagsat


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