CS-100: Introduction & Overview


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After an unexpected break, I am back in full force!  I have grown two beards (at separate times), rebuilt a 66 Jeep with my father, and have been really contemplating things “computer” as well as “science”.  To be blunt, I am quite tired of seeing too many talented friends and family members fall to the wayside in the name of regicide because the “new technology” is neither “new” nor “technology”.


“I have invented a clicky board of keys that connects to a computer: preventing end-users from writing on their monitors!  Also, you are all laid off.

Nothing personal, I mean… nothing personal in the confines of the commercial machine, but here is a paddle for you and your personal life!”

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There are many draft articles I have abandoned as I want to be a positive force.  I want to share what I know and per my own experiences as a young man seeking higher education, I will state it again:

“When blogging is taught as technology [to college students], there is a problem.”

— JK Benedict

(Updated 11-APR-2017 to accurately reflect my own personal quote)

The Real Introduction

Now on my third beard, I wanted to write – at regular intervals – in a “Computer Science 101” style or format.  Of course and again, I am not a teacher, but through using others as a sounding board I have been encouraged to see this through.  If anything, I am always up for a challenge in addition to being unemployed at the moment!

Currently I have no plans as to how often I will inch along.  This is not due to poor planning on my part nor lack of content, I assure you.  While my intent is once per week, it boils down to how many people really take interest in this, my latest endeavor, as well as considering:

  • Questions raised per major (or sub) topic
  • Inquiries to specific areas (or providing examples in existing areas I cover) and addressing those
  • The time required to site topics that are not really modern/common knowledge, etc

Regardless, the selfish part of me will be more than satisfied in documenting things related to computing I have stored up in this odd space we call “a brain”.  You know, items such as 0 to 1, 41 to 5A, 101 to 132, 65 to 90, and maybe even EBCDIC!


Image From http://documentation.microfocus.com/help/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.microfocus.silkperformer.doc%2FGUID-981DB7E1-8169-4E94-851A-584AB394DF95.html

Topics Covered and Supplies

The subject of Computer Science – as with most studies within the sciences, arts, etc – can be universally large.  I intended to focus on the more broad topics, but I am quite certain I may have to stray into areas many commonly refer to as “old world”, “first generation”, “theoretical”, and or “obsolete”.

Such classifications tend to annoy me as they make mere mention – barely a footnote – to the underlying historical, functional, and in some cases, sheer impossibilities which had to be overcome to give us what we have today for “modern computer science”.

Back on topic!  Bring an open mind, questions, and especially references (should I forget to site someone, etc)!  I am looking forward to this, so also bring feedback and ideas for as they say: the more, the merrier.

The Course Outline

Thus far I plan to flesh out the following articles within a week of each other.  What happens with them is completely up to you!

101 Computer Science

201 Practical Examples

301 Hardware

401 Software

501 Input and Output

601 Storage

701 Networking

801 Contemporary Concepts

901 Philosophical Concepts

1001 Open For Discussion or /* Comments */

In Conclusion…

This should be quite interesting and the list (above) is really tentative.  I am certain as I proceed and, along with feedback, I will definitely have to jump around as to accommodate the illustrious and the dull.

I am off to (in the words of REM) “Begin The Begin” and work towards the overall goal of driving home a reason, the how, and the relevancy of things “Computer Science” with which we can trace back to the beginning of time for good reasons:

This is a science.  There will come a time in your career where you wonder why something wasn’t covered within the confines of college.  And, you will know why things are as they are, but hopefully the lot of us can bring about actual new technology and new topics to our field.

Until next week, shoot any questions or topics you’d like to see covered!

– JK Benedict | @xenfomation


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