Computer Museum Project: 2


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Score! (It’s the little things)…

If you recognize the image above – thanks to a great website, – and you also were one of the readers (besides me) regarding “Ditching Optical Media” and my… blogumentary (I just made that up) regarding work towards my Computer Museum, well boy oh boy: I am quite the happy chappy.

Atlanta traffic was what it usually was as I left the office yesterday.  A big sea of metal infested concrete with nowhere to run.  I thought about it and just headed to my parents house.  I mean, in all seriousness, by the time I made it home I would need to be in full Thundercat Pajamas and ready for bed.  Optional Robotech Pajamas, but last night was definitely a Thundercat night.

I have (well, my Dad and I have) a ZX Spectrum I bought him with a 16K memory extension for his birthday.  Reported seller on some famous auction site reported it to be in working condition.  Yeah, to quote my dad “3/7th of the keys worked and the RF out needs to be fixed”… lovely.  I’m not paying to ship it: I am going to revive it!

And why?  Well, first of all…. it looks like this (along with its accessories being in near mint condition):


However, not to be second as it is far more important to this story as a friend of my father’s dropped off some high-end audio gear.  Among the lot were some PC speakers he wanted me to have and in my curiosity I pulled out something I had been tracking at modern retail stores, but for near $40.00.  I didn’t realize the implications of what I hath discovered, but my dad sure did.  The expression on his face was absolutely heart warming.  “OH!  AH-HA!  THE ZX!”  And he wasn’t just right about the ZX now having storage, for voila!


Oh, yes indeed!  Exactly what we need for using tapes off older computers, but also to make digital backups.  Data storage, data preservation, and cassette-driven audio bliss.  It was a moment of angelic harmonies as while it may not be the original Tandy cassette player (see below) — it will most certainly do the job with it’s 6 AA batteries (or 6V DC power requirements):


Go ahead and laugh…

Not only am I one free component closer to my glorious museum, I can also use it when I want to (literally) spin my cassettes.  Yeah, cassettes.  USB thumb drives don’t spin and I certainly can’t play my “passed on” tapes from the likes of…

These guys


… or this guy …


In Conclusion?

Never jump to those.  But seriously, yeah – yuck it up or applaud the preservation as while I condone the abuse of any animal, my dad’s “OH!  AH-HA!” moment (along with a passing of the cassette player to me)… well, I’ve done this:


“I think you’d better hang on to yourself.” -David Bowie

— JK Benedict | @xenfomation


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