My Wife is THE BEST!


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I had plans, but…

I come home Friday night to hang out with the family.  Sip a beer or two, have some dinner, and bust out a family night of board games, card games, etc, etc, etc.  The week was busy and with soccer (proper football) tryouts coming up this week, my boys were planning on taking it easy and they opted to relax in front of our collection of consoles.

Hey – they both brought home perfect scores, so I’m not going to kick them outside.

Then, I log in to see what Heroes of the Storm – an online, free to play MOBA – had unlocked EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER this weekend for anyone to play.  The game is awesome, but like endless reams of bad reality shows, it isn’t played to boost your brain cells.  It is meant to seriously work as a team, be as fast as possible, level up, and move on.

What is really fun is that the game – which will have endless characters – all are from the Blizzard Universe of games.  Starcraft, Diablo, etc.  The first player I unlocked within Heroes of the Storm was that of the (now infamous, yet younger generation forgotten) Kerrigan: the alien that graced the original StarCraft expansion pack.


So, my wife sees my excitement…

And she told me to grind out the game all weekend.  Beat the system.  Have fun.  Besides, I’m in competition with my brother, so while I had planned to catch up on topics that seemed to be relevant for this blog…

Instead, I sip a pint to you, wink, and say: my word, I feel my age after binge gaming, but it is satisfying.  My wife and I don’t keep tabs, trust me, but for as much as I have been glued to gaming, she managed to get her own form of rest-n-relaxation this weekend, too!


–JK Benedict | @xenfomation



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