Consider Your Goals…


Featured Image from

I am breaking a rule: blogging while at work, but my oh my, I have to share this!

However, take a minute to think about your own personal goals in life.  Know that the featured image, while pretty, is not as gorgeous as what I was pointed to.  Realize that until success looks, feels, and drives like this… you always need to work on your goals!

Now, go here:

If you thought you had achieved your goals, it is now time to sit down hit the drawing board (again).

Don’t worry, I’m in the same position, though being a gear head I can only seem to afford all things compute: books, punch cards, computers people toss because “it doesn’t match the decor”, etc.

This project is a labor of love and I know what  I will be reading tonight!  An epic adventure of family fun, engineering, salvage and resurrection of the ’65 racing spirit!  This is one of my favorite coupe body styles, and I am quite proud to say I know those who took this from beat to sweeeeeet!

I have to say, due to the glory, is the following entry:

After reading the above blog, you can check out a bit more drab details regarding the Factory Five Type 65 here.

Well done, HomeSchoolCoupe – WELL DONE!

— JK Benedict | @xenfomation


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