RetroPie 4.1 and HDMI Sound


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With the release of RetroPie 4.1, I finally set aside my own multi-platform arcade Pi experiment.  Just in time for the Holidays as well as the New Year, too!

In short, I love it.  Underneath there are a million moving parts, but I did come across an old issue (which may or may not be regression) wherein I had no audio over HDMI.  While many complained and offered assistance to test per their blog, I found the following trick from the RetroPie 3.x days to be the fix I needed.

Consider that there are configurations for the Raspbian component, Emulation Station component, and so forth.  All of these offer an audio output option, but using my trusty keyboard to press Escape/F4, I ran the following from the command line:

sudo bashcd /boot/
nano config.txt

I then isolated/added the hdmi_drive=X parameter: ensuring it was uncommented – and set it accordingly as I had when testing RetroPie 3.x so long ago.


After saving my changes, I manually rebooted my RetroPie (shutdown -r now) and viola!  Instant, luscious, and crystal clear gaming with audio over HDMI.

If you know someone (including you) with the same issue, give this a try.  The old documentation with additional troubleshooting can be found at  I am going to try and submit some information to them via GitHub as from installation to updating specific audio packages, I was a bit stumped until my human memory kicked in!

— JK Benedict | @xenfomation


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