A Change of Pace, 2017?


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Do pardon this update as I was quite honestly hacking out a global “Hallo!” from my phone on 26-DEC-2016.  Short, odd, quirky, but there was nothing cryptic about it.  As such, I felt I should revisit my receipt-style entry to elaborate a little bit.  This one is dedicated to the ol’ Band Mates and the solutions we brought in the key of C minor during our prime.

Tim, Tobias, Rachel, Sam, and the lot of you insanely smart people!

I shut off the public switch in September of 2016 to take a much needed break and I do mean *completely* off.  I used a good month of personal time to revisit many hobbies, passions, and dusty words in code or left on papers throughout my office.  So, for those of you who hadn’t been included on private emails, I do apologize for the disappearing act!

The truth of the matter is that I wasn’t producing consistent, useful, thought provoking material since mid-2015 (online).  I wasn’t able nor feeling my best due to personal reasons and so, I stepped away from Citrix and spent a month to myself.  Of course I also took a new role during the fourth quarter, but my word — my office is like a Pigeon coup and I have been feverishly recycling what my automation bits haven’t taken care of for me!

I submerged myself into many things I had either glossed over or flat out neglected.  That time of reflection through October was more or less what I had attempted to allude to in my original 26-DEC-2016 post.  I needed time to think, focus on my new company, and shuffle through the crap ideas and the good ones.

2016 is almost out of our hair and oh, boy do I suspect 2017 is going to be quite primed to cleanup things in general as to ensure an healthy 2020.  I don’t mean strictly one industry over another, one country over another, and so forth.  The buzz factors from the last 6 years have sorta run out and it’s time to look to the past, the present, and see what best can be made, sliced, diced, or dropped entirely as to ensure an healthy IT industry as we float into 2017…. 2018…. 2019…. and poof, 2020.

I’m already 1,153,036,710 seconds old — I have two kids to leave a tough legacy for!

The irony that 2016 will figuratively pass away on January 1st, 2017 00:00:00 has not escaped me and as of late, I quite welcome it as ’17 should be a very interesting year from my perspective.  Hell, I have time to read, research, test, and really dig into things I hadn’t had time to which is a rather shame to myself and to my readers.

So, until next year when I have a few more items lined up on the horizon to share:

I bid you each a fond, safe, and merry new year!

-JK Benedict | @xenfomation


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