Command Line… Gibberish?


UPDATE — Thanks to Val for informing me I had typed my own gibberish during my haste to write this quick article.  Another beer owed.

There you are.  Typing away and the 1990’s BBS-Style character set explodes all over your screen.  Absolute.  Complete.  Gibberish.


The answer to resolving this situation is short and sweet.  More importantly, it isn’t XenServer specific, but applicable to all Linux/*NIX operating systems.

The Solution

Though you won’t be able to see the “English” equivalent, press ENTER a few times.  Really get in there and pound that key.

Then, stare at the keyboard as to type the following command (and then pounding that ENTER key):


This will do just that — “reset” BASH, or in general, console you are working from.  An example of myself typing “reset” blindly appeared as this:


After I typed (what I hoped) was “reset” (followed by the enter/return key), presto — probability restored:



–jkbs | @xenfomation | | My Blog


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