CIS and Your Data


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While this quick blog is not meant to detract from my current blog work for XenServer 7.0 nor focus on Burroughs, it is a pleasant reminder of how I ended up within this hobby-turned-career industry.

Long live MCP.

End of line.

No Big Data Cliché

Speaking for myself…

XenServer is my principle product, but I am involved in so many great teams, projects, and other works my colleagues and I (even in open source) simply call “Reality of Logic, Tangible Solutions”.

One such project, known by many names before, is that of CIS.  You know: the place CDF Traces, Server Status Reports, Wireshark/PCAP files, and other forms of product/environmental data are uploaded to for analysis.

I raise attention to it as, thanks to everyone from Citrix employees to the Good Samaritans on the Social Spheres or mailing lists, one problem can become a readily identifiable issue for hundreds of other end users.

That is an amazing thing if you think about.  Seriously, put aside a frustrating case that through data, securely uploaded to CIS, was determined to be caused after manual investigation of your logs.

This information feeds back into CIS as so others with the same issue can get optimum, world-class support to ensuread the next client gets back into their job and off the phone.

The inverse scenario I am setting up is that myself, clients, or other resources may have leveraged CIS at some point and a detection tool was written: one which solved your issue quickly.

With each release of Citrix products, more and more work is being done to not make a user experience a reactive one, but a proactive one…

As a member of the CIS team who writes code late at night to ensure not one more client encounters a small or complicated issue, I have state that:

“We want to solve your issue. WE WANT DATA.  We want want the customer experience to be as epic as possible so you prosper.”

In the case of XenServer 7.0, enabling or enrolling through the Health Check feature is just one example, for one product, that can make all the difference.

The data is kept securely, it is archived out every 17-25 days (depending on the product), but we thank you for that information and ask you keep the data streams coming in.

You don’t even have to be a customer to upload manual log files — I know as I have my own account that ties into my home lab. This allows me to separate consulting issues from my own personal testing and findings as to contribute new plug-ins for  CIS and enriching the Citrix Support Experience.

Thanks to the millions who have already contributed to their success and to ours by simply opting into the customer experience programs or ensure we, as a team, have the data in qualified hands to streamline products to keeping you informed in a technological landscape that is the next state of distributed computing.

–jkbs | @xenfomation | | My Blog


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