Mageia and XenServer Tools?


** The header image is borrowed from Mageia 4’s desktop theme

Requests are so much more interesting…

I certainly have an agenda of sorts, but thanks to both Joel Escande & Tim Mackey, I am always glad to stop with my own projects.  The questions raised by the XenServer community are quite often far superior, necessary, and much more useful than my own tinkering!

If anyone has been anywhere on the Internet, you’ll notice from various resources (distrowatch being one of my favourites), that various distros and spins are gaining more and more popularity than their direct parents, etc.  Mint Linux is a good example, but also SolydXK, Korora, and today’s focus: Mageia.

How can one install XenTools in Mageia?

That is the question being asked and before I begin to illustrate, keep the following in mind:

  1. I have tested Mageia 3.x – 5.x across XenServer 6.1, 6.2, and 6.5
  2. Mageia 4.x (and older) are EOL — please use Mageia 5.x where applicable
  3. This OS does not fall under Citrix Support, long-term testing, etc
  4. I am assuming that you have installed Mageia 4.x or 5.x and just want the details on how to install XenTools

So, to begin – we need to mount the xs-tools.iso from XenCenter:


With the ISO mounted, we will want to gain access within Mageia’s terminal as to mount the ISO as a loop device:

su - root
mkdir iso
mount -o loop /dev/cdrom iso/

We can the descend into the iso/Linux/ directory, however the installer will not be used as the release name of the OS is not supported.  If you try to use the installer, it will error out as follows:


Following the instructions given to us, we will instead manually install the guest tools, but which ones?

This depends on two factors:

  • What is the architecture of your VM?
  • Is it related to Debian or Linux/RedHat?

These facts will determine if “i386” or “x86_64” packages will be used, as well as if rpm or deb packages will be used to install “xe-guest-utilities” and “xe-guest-utilities-xenstore”.

As this is Mageia, we know it will be using the rpm files.  From my Mageia 4.x and 5.x VMs, I am utilizing the 64-bit releases, so I would manually install the XenServer guest tools by executing:

rpm -ivh xe-guest-utilities-6.5.0-1436.x86_64.rpm xe-guest-utilities-xenstore-6.5.0-1436.x86_64.rpm

The following output should appear and a reboot should be carried out:


And, after rebooting, XenCenter will now display the IP information and this should be the confirmation you need to ensure that the XenServer Guest Utilities are installed!


In Conclusion…

This is a topic I will be following up with more often – specifically for modern OSes like Mageia – but in the meantime, I hope this overcome the XenServer Guest Tools installation for those with bleeding edge needs, custom solutions, or … even just trying to test something out.

–jkbs | @xenfomation | | My Blog





2 thoughts on “Mageia and XenServer Tools?

  1. john

    This is helpful, thanks, although I was wondering if you could advise the best way to install Mageia into XenServer. Did you use one of the other templates or did you use “Other install media”?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I actually built my own template! This kind of information is coming soon as I am now far from Citrix and I am in a much better position to document all my contributions to open source Xen!


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