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** Updated 19-APR-2016 with emphasis on XenServer 6.x hotfix resources **

Not too many clock cycles ago, The Great Mr. (thank you for the permission to cite you, sir!) tweeted a sage piece of advice.  It is without saying that, since his tweet, I have pondered this topic as one who supports XenServer and one who, as an end-user, consumes such things “opensource”…


(The direct link to this can be found by clicking here – Thanks, Lorscheider!)

He is absolutely correct.  If we shift context to all of supported versions of XenServer 6.x, he is now absolutely correct.


Because of CTX138115 – an article a current Citrix Manager and myself used to help maintain over a year ago.

Being an Enterprise company, Citrix and appropriate resources now manage this powerful resource in an effort to provide XenServer Administrators the shortest path to updating their XenServer hosts by stacking updates, specifying when to reboot, and so forth.

I am happy Lorscheider brought up XenServer 6.5’s “from vanilla-to-fully-patched” approach because I have worked with many individuals that apply a single hotfi, reboot, download the next hotfix, install, reboot, etc.

It isn’t required and this document is to help save XenServer Administrators time!

Most Common Use Case…

Be it during my working hours, via Twitter for auxilliary support, or even as a recommendation to the opensource community (hashtag XenServer.org!),  many individuals are running XenServer 6.x at a certain hotfix level.

Despite any issue a question arises:

“I know I am behind on hotfixes, so which ones should I install?”

Well, thanks to CTX138115, we can point everyone from internal colleagues to external users to this article as so they can identify which updates, drivers, order, and when to reboot all in a single shot:

XenServer 6.5


XenServer 6.2


XenServer 6.1


XenServer 6.0.2


XenServer 6.0


Now, back to Lorscheider’s post…

I’ve Just Installed XenServer 6.5

Congrats!  Now, you have to patch it to the minimum supported release-level, XenServer 6.5 SP1.  While we are at it, let’s go ahead and fully patch it!

“But HOW,” you ask.

My answer is CTX138115 :Recommended Updates for XenServer 6.x Hotfixes ….

Based on this article, we have a concise list of what to apply to XenServer 6.5 with only one reboot:

Apply the following hotfixes for XenServer 6.5:

  1. CTX142355 – XenServer 6.5.0 Service Pack 1 – XS65ESP1 should be installed by all customers running XenServer 6.5.
    Installation of XS65ESP1 will be required for future functional hotfixes.
  2. CTX202481 – Hotfix XS65ESP1012 – For XenServer 6.5.0 Service Pack 1
  3. CTX204053 – Hotfix XS65ESP1021 – For XenServer 6.5.0 Service Pack 1  (Includes XS65ESP1005 and XS65ESP1013)
  4. CTX205228 – Hotfix XS65ESP1022 – For XenServer 6.5.0 Service Pack 1
  5. CTX207337 – Hotfix XS65ESP1024 – For XenServer 6.5.0 Service Pack 1 (Includes XS65ESP1003 , XS65ESP1010 , XS65ESP1018 )
  6. CTX208513 – Hotfix XS65ESP1025 – For XenServer 6.5.0 Service Pack 1 (All customers who are affected by the issue described in CTX208403: Citrix XenServer Security Update for CVE-2016-0800 should install this hotfix).
  7. CTX209355 – Hotfix XS65ESP1026 – For XenServer 6.5.0 Service Pack 1  (Includes XS65ESP1023)
  8. Reboot

And it doesn’t just stop there.

From XenServer 6.0 to 6.5, CTX138115 contains each realease’s order of hotfixes to apply, when to reboot, and so forth.  This article is a must for new or existing Administrators as we all know it is best to apply/update XenTools after patching.

So for now, there you go.  If you are looking to patch an old or new XenServer, check out CTX138115 :Recommended Updates for XenServer 6.x Hotfixes instead of installing one patch, rebooting, and repeating that painful order!

There will be a second part to this for XenServer 6.1 clients as well as Dev-Ops!

–jkbs | @xenfomation | XenServer.org | My Blog


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