#TBT Controlling RDP in XenCenter


Source Image from: NACHO MAMA’S! (thanks!)


I know, I know.

Caving in to Internet Social Norms as an excuse to post, but hey: it has been at least 20-30 cycles from The Grid since I last sat down to unravel, rant, and compose my random thoughts into more complicated English structures – online – for all to consume.

With the New Year ahead of us and the Old Year behind us, I simply found it too easy to slide into the “hash tags” mantra to say “Hey!  I’m still alive, but like most of you, I have been head first into the Q4 wrap-up.”


The serious stuff can come later, but being 23:00 EST, I wanted to flesh out an oldie, but goodie article for a true #TBT experience.  It is dedicated to none other than Rachel “HDX/GPU Bad Ass” Berry.

… the original article can be found HERE


10. Disabling Automatic RDP Connections in XenCenter

In my quest to tackle my Top 10 Issue List (as it relates to things XenServer), the bottom of this list would be the often annoying “Remote Desktop Authentication” pop-ups, such as…


Or even…


To be more blunt, this is a cool feature, but when managing multiple XenServer-based VMs within XenCenter, it can become… frustrating from the aspect of click this, click that, and so on.

The reason this occurs is that XenCenter is designed to look for Remote Desktop capabilities and, by default, prompt for an RDP session over the VNC-based screen scrape.

As such, the following steps will not stifle this feature, but instead offer you – the Administrator – the option to use RDP to view VMs when you want… without losing the Remote Desktop scanning feature in XenCenter!

1.  In XenCenter, go to Tools and select Options:


2.  In the option box, select Console on the left hand panel.  On the right hand side (near the bottom) take the check mark off of Automatically switch to Remote Desktop console when it becomes available and press OK:


3.  Now you have the power!  If Remote Desktop is available, you can choose to use it when you want to by selecting“Switch to Remote Desktop” when it becomes activated/highlighted above your console view in XenCenter!


And that’s about it.

Sure.  Simple, light, and an easy topic, however I hope it helps!

–jkbs | @Xenfomation | XenServer.org



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