Open Source:


If you are a Citrix® customer, partner, vendor, or a random passerby with interest in XenServer®, then you must visit  An official Citrix® website established for the open source strong arm of XenServer®, it is spear-headed, maintained and grown by our XenServer® Evangelist, Tim Mackey.

I am honored to call him a friend, colleague, mentor and as of recent,  co-author of a book he pushed for (and which I will discuss later).  I suppose more of my beaming persona comes from the fact that, through Rachel Berry, we were introduced and shortly thereafter he invited me to write, write, write, and push it out.

Sure, there is a specific agenda for the site, but it goes far beyond the typical “Software, Docs, Smiles” mantra of the mid 2000’s.  As with any successful movement or trendsetting “thing”, you have to get the word out… and that’s what Tim has allowed us to do!

It is a haven for upcoming releases of XenServer® via Alpha/Beta builds, a public facing issue and feature tracking system, and truly a nest of resources as they relate to Xen and to XenServer®.

My blog exists only to forge thoughts that need translating to and it is something that – for anyone who is a fan, customer, or even “hater” of XenServer® – to join as Tim does a wonderful job keeping information available, answering questions, but also sharing knowledge with the Open Source community.

Cheers, Tim and keep up the good works, bud!

–jkbs | @xenfomation | | Citrix® Blogs


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